welcome to gino's spaghetti housewelcome to gino's spaghetti housewelcome to gino's spaghetti house
welcome to gino's spaghetti housewelcome to gino's spaghetti house

Gino's Restaurant Reviews

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Gino's Spaghetti House
It only seems right that the place that finally prompted me to blog again should take pride of place as my first real post.
My housemate Yen and I have become accustomed to impromptu dinners at random restaurants either when we're too tired/don't have the ingredients to cook or, on days like today, where we simply want something to do on a glorious spring evening.
We walked past Gino's Spaghetti House last week whilst on our way to see the replay of the National Theatre's Frankinstein to the Phoenix Picture House in Jericho (more on that later.) We'd already eaten but commented on how great it smelled as we walked past, and vowed to return.
The weather is glorious in Oxford at the moment and having returned from a long day at work it seemed such a shame to waste the evening so I met up with Yen in town with the plan of wandering and dinner. Having spent half an hour chatting in the beachwear section in Debenhams (don't ask!) we went in search of somewhere to eat and remembered the little Italian we had discovered last week.
The place was virtually empty so we did a quick Google search just to make sure it didn't have horrendous reviews and were pleasantly surprised at its four star rating. We decided to risk it! The little restaurant reminded me of one I had previously visited in Bologna, Italy with its indoor ivy and a quirkily painted map of Italy on the ceiling. We were greeted by a super polite waiter who showed us to a little table by the window and presented us with menus. The first thing we noticed was that the prices were very reasonable (as cheap if not cheaper as the chain Italians on George Street.) Fifteen minutes later I was tucking into the "Chef's Special" pizza, which was listed in the menu as 'everything the chef can get his hands on' and made all the more special by the chef coming out of the kitchen to look at me before he prepared the pizza. He judged well with his ham, olive, mushroom and pineapple concoction! I also treated myself to a glass of the house red which gave me ample opportunity to explain to Yen what 'legs' on wine were, something I'd learnt at a wine tasting course a few weeks back. Yen had the Spaghetti Annamaria which combined creamy and tomato sauces with hot chilli. She seemed to enjoy it! Having left a good quarter of my pizza (which was delicious but far too much) I asked the waiter to pass on my compliments to the chef as I didn't want him to think I didn't enjoy his specially picked out ingredients. The waiter proceeded to clear our table and take the dishes to the hatch of the kitchen where he said fairly loudly (presumably so we, as well as the chef, could hear) "Compliments to the chef!" Wasn't quite what I was expecting but perfectly in line with the quirkiness of the restaurant.

The bill came to less than £20 between us, the service was impeccable and the food delicious. Needless to say we'll be returning to Gino's.

Italian restaurants have taken Oxford by storm in the last couple of years; bringing with them a superior offering of pizza and pasta. at the very pinnacle of Italian eateries sits Gino's. The quality of pizza is all in the dough.Gino's dough tastes homemade. It's soft and flavorful and not smothered by the toppings. The pasta in Gino'sis actually as good as that offered in the restaurant of Florence and Siena. The spaghetti amatriciana is the best: chilli sauce(not too hot so as to overwhelm the other ingredients) with bacon. Perhaps the best feature of Gino's is its atmosphere: a tiny, cosy place with paintings of Italy on the ceiling and walls, all tucked away next to Gloucester Green bus station. Cheap, cute and succulent - what more could you ask for ?
Cherwell newspaper/on line
Inside and out, this little gem oozes Italian. Gino's offers you a slice of authenticity and  traditional hospitality like no other in Oxford. The starters offer standard salads and cheese plates. The mains are biased toward pasta, although there is a wide variety of pizzas as well as poultry, veal and steak dishes, and in true Italian style, the generous portions extend off the large plate. Service is excellent with the owner ensuring complete satisfaction at each table. Be prepared to loosen your belt but not necessarily your purse strings after a visit; Gino's is a delicious taste of the real thing.
OUSU Guide book.
Oxford University student union
Gino's it's certainly one address to file in the lunch section of your brain, because not only is it a good, local, family business that serves great food, but it's very central, so convenient for pre/post theatre dinners and mid-shopping lunches. What did you think overall? Fantastic in terms of pure entertainment, and the food was the real deal. Forget the chain restaurants in George Street and the old castle site - next time you're in town and fancy some lunch, pop into Gloucester Green for a good old fashioned Italian feast.
Oxford Mail